Injured In a Private Property


When can you claim?

If you have been injured due to negligence by someone while in their property you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation. You must first know the types of personal property that can be claim against as you can imagine making a claim against your neighbour they may not have insurance or the financial means to pay you if this was the case can you make a claim as there is nothing to claim against. On the other hand personal property can be a shop supermarket bank or council building and in this case you would be claiming against the business personal liability insurance. This is also the same for local housing authority that is rented to a private individual as long as the council can be seen to be at fault you will be able to claim against them.

If you have been injured in someone else’s property what should you do?

In the first case it is always seek medical advice your health is most important when suffering any form of personal injury. After that we would say contact a legal professional. You can find one through personal recommendation or searching the internet. Then your health has been looked after. Also you are being represented by a legal professional that is there to help you and ensure you are not financially left out of pocket.

Things To Check When Instructing Your Solicitor


People are often concerned about the cost when instructing any form of legal help as the myths are it can be very expensive. With property law this is not true and it can be very reasonable on price. Just because you have found the cheapest like anything it does not mean you have found the best. When you are choosing your conveyancing solicitor you should ask a couple of basic questions to make sure you’re are selecting the best solicitor to meet your needs.


Price always ask price but bear in mind many property solicitors are self-employed so prices can be negotiated. This is a  very completive market never just take the 1st quote you receive like anything in this modern age make sure you explore your options.


Recommendations should always be discussed and are normally offered when you are having an initial consultation with a solicitor. Many Solicitors keep a file of feedback that they can let you browse through. Do not be afraid to ask to talk to these people and make sure at least one or two of the recommendations are genuine. A good solicitor will normally create a fantastic relationship with their clients so any one of their customers should be happy to discuss the level of service they received.

Once you have done these research the solicitor using his name or firm name on a review site see if there is anything on their. If you are happy with what you have found out about them you will feel more comfortable in using them for your legal needs. As the expectation of service is there.

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